About the Founder

About the Founder

I was born in Philadelphia, PA in July of 1950 and named Treneater Crandall Horton.  As the oldest child of a Baptist Minister I had a very early start in a career of service and performance. My passion for both has been a recurring feature of my life’s journey.  However, in the past, I often found myself pursuing one and then the other, but I was never quite satisfied.

I worked in a variety of jobs before joining the Navy in 1979.  I worked as a Hospital Corpsman until 1990 when I became a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor.  My Navy career afforded me many opportunities for growth, and when I left in 1995 I returned to college. I received my B.A., with a major in Sociology and a minor in Psychology, from Texas A&M (Corpus Christi, TX) in 2000.

As an entertainer, I have performed in a variety of venues, and for many different occasions.  Also, while in the Navy, I co-produced and starred in an original musical, “A Musical Tour Through the Ages.” In 1998, I wrote, directed, produced and starred in a public access television show called “T.C.’s Place” (Transformation Central) which used short inspirational messages, poetry readings, stories, and music (both vocal and instrumental) to help viewers create peace in their lives. While I enjoy writing and performing all types of music my passion lies in creating and performing songs that inspire people to experience the Peace Within.

As a counselor, presenter, and motivational speaker I have lectured extensively on the topics of anger and stress management, esteem building, conflict resolution, personal growth, and spiritual awareness. I use a combination of teaching and creative expression to create a safe place and space for individuals to Remember to Remember who they really are as they reconnect with their spiritual centers and learn to see beyond the illusions of everyday living.

My most popular workshop, “I Really Want to Like You, But You Get on My Last Nerve: Difficult People – Problems or Opportunities?” weaves together the tools of teaching and creative expression, creating a non-threatening and compassionate experience that takes participants on a journey of self-discovery.

In 2001, I answered the Highest Call to Serve: I became an Inter-Faith Minister effectively interweaving music into my spiritual and ministerial practice. However, my efforts to integrate music and counseling did not fully coalesce until May 2006 when I graduated from Naropa University (Boulder, CO), receiving a Master’s in Transpersonal Counseling with an emphasis in Music Therapy.

In addition to my Music Therapy practice, most of my energies are spent performing "Music with a Message" [selections that combine smooth jazz, blues, and/or gospel and is performed with a Latin flavor] which has lyrics and rhythms designed to "soothe the mind, inspire the heart and refresh the spirit."

My passion is to use music as the therapeutic agent for manifesting physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in individuals, communities, and nations so that collectively we can create peace on earth!

Rev. Nur

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